Our operations comply with the ADC Consensus
Standards for Commercial Diving Operations, and
with OSHA & USCG Regulations.

Construction Inspection Gallery
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construction inspection  
UCI oversees all phases of the construction of the 5800' long Mangrove Lagoon Ocean Outfall Pipeline in the United States Virgin Islands.
  canal and penstock inspection   This is one of the transplanted reef patches with individual coral epoxied onto an uncolonized rock. The transplant was mandated by the EPA since coral are endangered species.

underwater pipeline installation   UCI’s diver performs construction inspection in the United States Virgin Islands.   underwater construction inspection   This transplant site in 60 feet of water shows 10 species of coral. We monitored the transplant from start to finish which took approximately six weeks.

commercial contract diver   UCI's inspection diver checks the torque on the flange bolts of the Mangrove Lagoon Ocean Outfall Pipeline.   construction inspection dive   A UCI diver prepares for an inspection dive during construction of the Erie Sewer Authority's new 90" PCCP outfall pipeline. This 7800' long pipeline transports treated wastewater into Lake Erie.

spillway inspection and wastewater diving   UCI's inspection diver checks the torque of a repair clamp after the installation contractor damaged this section of pipe while constructing the Mangrove Lagoon Ocean Outfall Pipeline.   lock inspection diver   A 20' long section of 90" PCCP is ready to be lowered to the divers.

sewage and confined space diving   A UCI diver returns from an inspection dive on the Mangrove Lagoon Ocean Outfall Pipeline, offshore of St. Thomas, USVI.   trash rack inspection   Our inspectors monitor topside as well as underwater activity on a marine construction project. Note the Hydro-Pull in place at the end of this length of pipe.

permit required confined space divers   Our inspectors monitor the top-side assembly of the diffuser transition for the ocean outfall.   tunnel and outlet works inspection   UCI monitors all aspects of construction activity. In this photo, the contractor is placing bedding stone in the trench as a base for the pipeline.

hazardous material dive team   Our marine biologist and dive team monitored the transplant of over 4000 coral colonies before the Mangrove Lagoon Ocean Outfall project could begin. This photo shows a rock with 3 colonies of Montastrea cavernosa and 9 colonies of Agaricia sp.