Our operations comply with the ADC Consensus
Standards for Commercial Diving Operations, and
with OSHA & USCG Regulations.

Contaminated Water Diving Gallery
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Contaminated Water Diving

Diving in a sewage digester at a duck farm on Long Island.

wastewater treatment plant repair
Our diver working in effluent at the City of Erie Wastewater Treatment Plant.

hazardous contaminated underwater divers
The diver emerging from the duck waste digester wearing an encapsulating dry suit with attached gloves and neck yoke. The helmet uses a double exhaust and although the sewage was over 110 degrees the diver wore a cold water circulating garment underneath the dry suit.
chemical contaminated water dive
Drilling the concrete raceway wall to mount an acoustic flow meter. Note that the diver is totally isolated from the environment.

hazardous waste inspection
One of the clarifiers at the duck farm which we inspected.
hazardous materials clean-up
A hazardous materials clean-up along the Little Niagara River where we hand dredged over 4000 cubic yards of NAPL contaminated sediment from the river. The two cylindrical tanks on the right side of the photo were designed by UCI’s President. Sediment was vacuumed from the river bed and was separated by these tanks into that which could be treated and cleaned and that which had to go to a hazardous material landfill.

contaminated water inspection
We performed inspection work in this bacteriologically contaminated water. The water contained high concentrations of Fecal Coliforms & Fecal Streptococci.
underwater decontamination
A diver emerges from the river. He wears special disposable coveralls over his suit to make his decontamination easier. The black material is a tar like substance known as Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (NAPL).

wastewater dive with ROV
Preparing to dive into wastewater which has been clarified but not chlorinated yet at the Wastewater Treatment Plant for the City of Allentown, PA. Note that the diver is fully encapsulated.
hazardous material dive
The diver is now in the decon area being scrubbed by the tenders. The diver's helmet and gloves are still attached as he will remain sealed until the decon is complete. Note the tenders in full PPE with respirators. 

Hazardous Dive Inspection
We set up to work in a raceway containing primary treated effluent for the city of Erie, PA.
underwater diver decontamination
The diver is now fully decontaminated and ready to exit the decon area and have his gear removed by the tenders.