Our operations comply with the ADC Consensus
Standards for Commercial Diving Operations, and
with OSHA & USCG Regulations.

Pipeline Depth of Cover Studies and Hydrographic Surveys Gallery
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depth cover plot
This depth of cover plot shows the points surveyed and the color plot of the hydrographic survey in  plan view and the water surface, river bottom, and buried pipeline in an elevation view..

depth of cover survey
This depth of cover study shows four pipelines surveyed in the plan view with a separate profile view and depth of cover data for each one. (pipleline 1)

hydrographic survey
A recent hydrographic survey we performed using a multi beam echosounder of the waterway beneath a major highway bridge.
depth of cover survey
(pipleline 2)

sub bottom profiling
An image of sub-bottom profiling to look for a broken drill bit beneath a river bottom in a navigable waterway.
depth of cover survey
(pipleline 3)

depth of cover survey
(pipleline 4)