Our operations comply with the ADC Consensus
Standards for Commercial Diving Operations, and
with OSHA & USCG Regulations.

Remotely Operated Vehicles Gallery
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ROV tunnel inspection

The Pearpoint Flexitrax P350 with the tractor, camera, lights, and control system

Professional ROV dive team
The Seabotix 300-6 LBV with rotating brush for cleaning and an ultrasonic measuring device next to it.

underwater inspection with ROVs
A close-up view of the P350 pan/tilt/zoom camera with auxiliary light head.
Hazardous material ROV diving
The Seabotix LBV with sonar and tracking system installed on top of vehicle along with grabber extended. 

ROV underwater pipeline inspection
A still capture by the P350 showing a level of sediment inside an outlet conduit. Date, time, distance from entrance, and angle of conduit from level is displayed.
underwater inspection with ROV
This is an image from the LBV ROV with an Imagenex 831L Pipe Profiling Sonar. This unit has a very high frequency (2MHz) that puts out a pencil beam image giving an excellent image of what the interior of the pipe is shaped like, any debris in the pipe, etc. 

outfall inspection ROV
Another still capture by the P350 showing a pipe joint with the location distance displayed.
ROV underwater intake inspection
Getting ready to deploy the LBV ROV to inspect a 36’ diameter wooden tank in a World War II ammunition factory where the US Navy tested secret devices.

ROV maintenence diver
The P350 captures a photo of a gate valve in the open position in a dam outlet conduit. The valve was filmed throughout its full range of operation.