Our operations comply with the ADC Consensus
Standards for Commercial Diving Operations, and
with OSHA & USCG Regulations.

Underwater Inspection Gallery
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flood control dam inspection

UCI inspected this flood control dam to make an estimate as to the amount of tree debris which existed on the lake bottom. Our estimate of over 4000 cubic yards necessitated draining the lake.

outlet pipe inspection by ROV
We inspected the stop logs guides in the control tower for this dam in over 100 feet of water in January.

underwater rail road bridge inspection
This is the same dam as in the previous photo after draining the lake and removing the tree debris. That work was done by others.
dam intake structure inspection
We recently inspected this large dam intake structure as part of our ongoing contract with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

dam outlet water works ROV diving company
This is a dam where we inspected the outlet works for the PA Fish & Boat Commission. The dam was built by the railroad to get water for their steam locomotives while traveling.
reservoir diving inspection
Our diver preparing to submerge at the100 plus year old water supply reservoir for the City of Peekskill, NY to perform a first time ever inspection.

underwater tunnel repair diver
This photo inside of an intake control tower shows why inspection work is necessary. Note the extreme corrosion of the cast-in-place steel ladder rungs. This is another reason we always use two means of fall protection when working inside of these structures.
Underwater Construction Inspection and Diving
To inspect this dam which encompasses almost 18,000 surface acres of water, we are shown here installing one of many aluminum stop logs.

marine construction
During a flood in the Midwest we inspected and stabilized these tanks which were leaking and contained 1,650,000 gallons of propane.
submerged dam inspection
Working at the Niagara Power Project at Niagara Falls this photo shows one of the huge shafts that connect the turbine to the generator. We were inspecting draft tubes this day.

underwater diving contractor
Some of our crew at the leaking propane incident. During this project over ten thousand residents were evacuated from their homes for over a week while the National Guard patrolled the area to prevent looting.
canal system inspection project
UCI’s divers inspected Delta Dam as part of the entire canal system inspection project. Delta Dam was built to supply water to the Erie Canal during times of drought.

ROV Marine Survey
During the leaking propane project we worked directly with Williams Fire Control/Boot & Coots.
submerged pipe inspection dive
Gearing up for inspection in the Champlain Canal. Our divers spent nine months with three dive crews inspecting the entire NY State Canal System which includes the famous Erie Canal.

pier inspection repair
We inspected this pier for the Missouri Highway Department in the Missouri River after a flood when their divers were not capable of working in these high currents. Note the flow around the pier and how high the water was only few days before.
subaqueous divers
After performing a complete hull inspection including obtaining hundreds of ultrasonic thickness measurements on the World War II Cruiser the USS Little Rock our diver poses on deck in front of the main gun turret.

highway bridge underwater inspection
UCI divers inspected the highway bridge shown on the left for the Missouri Highway Dept. after it was struck by the collapsing railroad bridge shown on the right during a flood.
diving underwater inspection
We inspected the underwater installation of new stop logs and channels at this dam intake control structure. The ice was over 2' thick and the air temperature was -31 degrees. The job was performed without incident.

underwater bridge inspection
The bridge shown in the background is the Verrazano Narrows Bridge following our inspection of the piers. The bridge connects Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY and is one of longest suspension bridges in the world.
Inspecting gas pipeline
Inspecting gas pipeline in the Atlantic for Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation.

underwater bridge inspection
Another of the many hundreds of bridges on which we have performed underwater inspection.
marine construction and inspection
Preparing for the internal inspection of a dam intake control tower. Note that all of our employees are wearing fall protection.

contaminated water diving
Working with the Coast Guard and the John A Volpe National Transportation Center on the battery remediation pilot project in the Chesapeake Bay.
ROV underwater inspection dive
Inside of the same dam control tower as in the previous photo. Note that the inspector has two means of fall prevention; the rescue and retrieval tripod and a self retracting lifeline.

underwater dam inspection
A UCI diver prepares to enter the Kanawha River in West Virginia while inspecting Aids to Navigation for the U.S. Coast Guard.
gas transmission main inspection
UCI’s crew prepares to assist and tend our inspector as he enters this 42” gas transmission main to transit almost 500 feet to perform an internal inspection. A smart pig discovered an anomaly after the pipe was directionally drilled.

underwater structural inspection
UCI's diver gets suited up to inspect Aids to Navigation with the U.S. Coast Guard personnel acting as his tenders.
gas pipeline inspection
Our inspector inside of the 42” gas pipeline. Note the breathing apparatus and confined space air monitor that the inspector is wearing. The inside of the pipe is covered in oil from the gas compressors and the air temp approached 90 degrees at this location in Mississippi. The job was performed without incident.

outlet conduit inspection
We inspected this CMP outlet conduit in a dam in NY state which shows severe deformity.
natural gas compressor station inspection
The opening to the pipeline in the center of this photo was the entrance point for our inspector at a natural gas compressor station in Texas. When a gas compressor exploded it sent parts down the pipeline which we were sent in to search for.

dam seepage inspection
Our diver preparing to perform an inspection at a dam near the West Virginia border. Shortly after our inspection the dam developed unacceptable seepage and the spillway was breached.
underwater diver ROV
Beginning the manned internal inspection of a 24” dam outlet conduit. We can perform this type of inspection with the pipe dry or flooded.