Our operations comply with the ADC Consensus
Standards for Commercial Diving Operations, and
with OSHA & USCG Regulations.

Underwater Repair Gallery
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construction inspection
While performing construction inspection for a new wastewater outfall project it was discovered that three, 6” Gulf Oil Company abandoned pipelines were directly in the route of the new outfall. We located the lines, removed the existing gasoline in them, cut out several hundred feet of each line, capped the remaining lines and then disposed of the removed pipe.

underwater dam inspection
This photo shows a sluice gate stem in a dam intake control tower which exhibits heavy corrosion and loss of section both above and below water. The stem was in danger of breaking which would have rendered the gate inoperable. After inspecting the dam UCI was asked to repair the stem since the gate manufacturer was no longer in business.

marine ROV diving repair
After removing the pipe in the previous photo from Lake Erie we characterized each segment for the City Attorneys.
underwater trash rack repair
This is the same sluice gate stem as shown in the previous picture. UCI fabricated and installed this repair clamp. The clamp was first bolted to the stem and then welded in place both above and below water. 

ROV confined space diving
This photo shows us getting ready to pig the three abandoned pipelines. We used nitrogen to propel the pigs so as to not create an explosive atmosphere since the pipes still contained gasoline. Over 400, 55 gallon drums of old gasoline were recovered.
underwater consultants
UCI tenders ready sand bags used to slow a leak through a faulty valve so that a bulkhead could be placed at the downstream end of a dam outlet conduit. Once the bulkhead was in place, the leak was stopped and we were able to repair the valve.

submerged bridge inspection
After having inspected every bridge on the NY State Thruway System the Thruway Authority contracted us to remove all of the steel debris which was dropped by painters around these piers.
bulkhead installation
Our divers are shown here installing the bulkhead (which we designed and fabricated) in a junction box at the downstream end of this dam outlet conduit. After installation, the bulkhead resisted a total force of approximately 21,000 lbs.

underwater debris removal team
Our diver on the deck of a barge while removing steel debris from around the piers of the South Grand Island Bridges.
wastewater treatment diver
Once the bulkhead shown in the previous photo was in place we removed the sandbags and repaired the gate valve. This photo shows the bent locating dowel which we removed.

penstock underwater dive
At Mauch Chunk Lake Dam, a PA Fish & Boat Commission Dam, we totally rehabilitated this sluice gate which was inoperable.
repeair underwater valve
After repairing the leaking underwater valve mentioned previously, UCI designed, built, and then installed this new aluminum trash rack at the dam's underwater intake structure.

dam structure repair
We replaced the floorstand at Mauch Chunk Lake Dam.
intake outfall scour diving
After first performing extensive underwater work to dewater a dam intake control tower, UCI designed parts and instituted repairs to this 24” fabricated stainless steel sluice gate since the manufacturer was out of business.

underwater construction inspection
We installed a new slide gate in the upstream face of the control tower at Mauch Chunk Lake Dam.
Underwater Certified Diving Contractors
This 48” stainless steel sluice gate is inside the same dam intake control tower as shown in the previous picture. UCI fabricated parts and repaired both gates, saving the owner from having to buy and install new sluice gates. These gates are normally submerged under 50' of water.

under water diving inspection
Again at Mauch Chunk Lake Dam we sawed a new opening into the top of the control tower and installed a new aluminum hatch.
marine welding fabrication
This photo shows the internals of one of the floorstands for the stainless steel fabricated sluice gates. The Acme threads were stripped out so we designed and fabricated new parts to make the floorstand operate again.

marine construction
A new 6061 T-6 aluminum trash rack was fabricated in house and installed on the control tower at Mauch Chunk Lake Dam.
repairing a leak in a natural gas pipeline
In this picture, our diver works on repairing a leak in a natural gas pipeline. The pipeline, although buried, was originally on land until beavers dammed a nearby stream, creating this pond that the diver is working in.