Our operations comply with the ADC Consensus
Standards for Commercial Diving Operations, and
with OSHA & USCG Regulations.

Construction Inspection & Project Management

UCI specializes in full time on-site client representation and underwater inspection on marine and underwater construction projects. Our employees are educated and field proven in many disciplines and can assist your project from initial planning through final acceptance.

marine construction inspection
Marine consultants providing construction inspection &
project management.

Designing an underwater project and bringing it on line may represent a difficult task
Let us show you what our existing clients have already found out. UCI's services will save Owners money in both the initial construction and in future operating costs. Our underwater and marine consultants work hard to make sure that your project is performed to specifications. With UCI's assistance, your project will receive first class professional attention.

Our goals when performing construction inspection are as follows:

Review the designers plans and specifications while in the draft stage
We can make recommendations to the designers as to the need for any changes or additions that we believe may be necessary. This review is based upon our years of experience. On numerous occasions, design engineers have added our recommendations to the project specifications.

Insure that the project gets built as designed
It is hard enough with a job performed on land to make the contractor build the project to the specifications that he bid on. This problem is greatly magnified when working underwater. As an example, when installing a new pipeline into a trench, will you really ever know if the contractor installed the amount of bedding stone that you specified before he covered over the pipeline, or did the contractor install the pipeline to the grade that you called for? Without full time inspection once the pipe is covered up by ballast and armor stone you will never know. If you rely on the contractor to inspect his own work isn't that "the fox watching the henhouse"? UCI will make sure that the Owner gets the job that he is paying for.

Review and make recommendations on requests for change orders
We all know that many contractors will low-ball a bid with the plan of requesting a change order at every opportunity. UCI's on-site Project Manager will evaluate each request for a change order and make a recommendation to the Engineer or Owner whether to approve or decline that request. Our recommendation will be based upon actual on-site conditions which we can verify with video, still photography, sonar imagery, or other means.

On a recent project, UCI proved to the Engineer and Owner that a contractors request for a very large change order was without merit. Therefore, on this one item alone our service saved the Owner several hundred thousand dollars. This savings was more than UCI's charges on the entire 13 month long project.

Insure compliance with OSHA, USCG or Foreign Health & Safety Regulations
To keep Owners and their Engineers from being put into a position of legal liability, UCI will initially and at regular intervals review the contractors operations and record keeping for compliance with the requirements of all regulatory bodies. Our on-site team will monitor the contractor’s daily operations for safety and will report the same to the Project Engineer. Our team understands these complicated and extensive requirements and will insure that the contractor’s operations are in compliance.

Provide marine biologist services to assist with environmental regulations
UCI employs a full time marine biologist who is also a qualified dive team member. We can provide you with services such as coral transplant, transport monitoring, and endangered species investigations prior to the start of underwater construction. Fish abatement from a construction zone during underwater blasting can be either performed by us or we can monitor the performance of others. We have provided expert testimony on behalf of our clients before such governmental entities as Coastal Zone Management and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Recently, we completed compliance monitoring of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service mandated endangered species transplant.

We have performed full time Owner representation and construction inspection services for several multi-million dollar pipeline projects, both in the U.S. and internationally, and can assist you in managing a marine or underwater construction project from planning through final acceptance. Our on-site Project Manager will interface with your Project Engineer and produce daily reports of the contractors operations and UCI's activities. The inspection crew will monitor all topside activities and inspect all underwater work as it progresses and our Project Manager will attend all project meetings. This service will assure you that your project is constructed as designed and save you money by eliminating unnecessary change orders.

Our service attempts to avoid your need to undertake costly repairs or modifications that may be required down the road due to improper construction. It is our underwater and marine construction experience that gives our people the understanding to be effective inspectors. Full time inspection / construction management services will typically cost 7% to 10% of the job total. A small price to pay to avoid those sleepless nights. During a past project, our on-site Project Manager, while inspecting contractor supplied materials found that the diffusers for a large PCCP outfall pipe were undersize of the specifications. The defect was subsequently corrected by the pipe manufacturer and the new diffusers were installed. This alone saved the Owner over a million dollars had the undersize diffusers been installed and then changed years later when the problem was finally indentified. On another project the contractor presented the Owner with a charge for excavating in “all rock” for $750,000.00. UCI used underwater video and our team gathered bottom samples to prove that the claim was without merit thus saving the Owner from paying this false claim. The underwater environment is a murky one, and since the Owner can not usually be "on the bottom", our expertise will guide the project to a successful completion.

When you are in the planning stages of a project - contact us. This is the time to design inspection services into the job. However, even if you're to the bidding stage we can provide you with a proposal for services.

Owners or Engineers: Additional references are available upon request