Our operations comply with the ADC Consensus
Standards for Commercial Diving Operations, and
with OSHA & USCG Regulations.

contaminated water diving
Contaminated Water Diving

Our operations frequently take us into areas where hazardous materials exist. Hazardous materials may exist on a project site both knowingly and unknowingly. Sometimes the project is a known hazardous material site, but more often hazardous materials are incidental to the job site. Being able to effectively complete your project while maintaining the highest degree of safety is what we offer our clients.


UCI personnel are highly trained and experienced in haz-mat projects.
All on-site personnel have completed 40 hour HAZWOPER training as a minimum. Wastewater treatment plants, chemical companies and remediation specialists have used our services. We are fast becoming a leader in diving services for sewer treatment plants whether in raw sewage, sludge or treated effluent. When diving in bacteriologically contaminated liquids, all on-site personnel are vaccinated to prevent the contraction of various diseases.

After having spent thousands of hours on a variety of projects that were either chemically or biologically hazardous, UCI has developed internal procedures which exceed all currently applicable regulations. A full Job Hazard Review is always performed which may necessitate sampling and analysis. Once the manner and level of the containments are known, a system is assembled to keep the diver and topside personnel from being exposed to the harmful elements, and the proper decontamination system is brought into use.

Conversely, when performing diving in potable water the goal is isolate the diver from the surrounding water so as to prevent contamination of the water. The equipment used is of exactly the same design as is used in Haz-Mat diving except equipment used for diving in potable water is dedicated to that purpose only. All diving gear that is to enter the water is first prepared by immersion in a chlorine solution. All diving in potable water is performed to AWWA and ADCI Specifications.