Our operations comply with the ADC Consensus
Standards for Commercial Diving Operations, and
with OSHA & USCG Regulations.

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

UCI provides ROV services where manned intervention is either not possible or where there are operational and safety considerations. The ROV can be used for both inspection services and for performing work in a great many environments. Typical uses are in pipelines and tunnels, water towers, underwater search and investigation, power plant operations, locks, dams, structural inspection, construction assistance, and diver assistance.


We own and operate a Pearpoint Flexitrax P350 remotely operated tractor system which we typically use to perform internal pipeline, conduit or tunnel inspections. The system can operate in pipelines as small as 6 inches in diameter and is capable of keeping the camera centered in pipes up to 42 inches in diameter. Operating in various size pipelines is accomplished by changing types or sizes of wheels or by adding additional sets of wheels to make the vehicle wider. The tractor is steerable in pipe diameters of 10 inches and larger and has a color HD pan/tilt/zoom camera with digital audio/video recording and Bluetooth capability. The system is rated for 330 feet depth of water and is equipped with 820 feet of tether

When a vehicle with swimming capabilities is required we offer a Seabotix LBV. The SeaBotix 300-6 ROV is used for both open water and pipe penetrations up to 6,000 linear feet.  This ROV is designed to perform in up to 1,000-feet of water depth.  With four (4) 100mm horizontal thrusters this particular vehicle is great for those long pipe inspections while capable of carrying a number of sensors including color video, scanning as well as multibeam sonar, tracking/navigation system, ultrasonic thickness measuring device, digital hydrophone, rotating wire brush for cleaning, and specialized tools that can be attached.  There are a variety of tether lengths available from as short as 160-meters up to 2,200-meters, and come with a digital line counter that is shown and recorded on the video monitor.  Specialized software is used for recording of color video, audio and tracking during inspections that show the Lat & Lon and markers identified during inspection.